• Welcome Back!

    Why hello. You must be here to feast your eyes on my newly updated site. Looks pretty swank, yes? I like it. Feel free to drop any suggestions or comments in the contact section, I'm always open for feedback.

  • New Digs!

    So, I'm sitting in my new office, typing away here late at night with the dog, having a beer. What? New office you say? Why yes, I AM in my new space, thanks for asking! Yes, due to the generosity of other I managed to reach my goal! Hurray! I want to thank everyone who contributed to the studio fundraising effort. It's made working so much easier and better. And for those who offered encouragement in lieu of cash, you're just as important. It's all one big vote of confidence for the work and for me, and for that I'm very grateful. So stop by some time! See what's new!

    Oh, and the show, Your Personal Hang-Ups at the Center for Art in Wood here in Philly has been extended to February 16th. If you haven't had a chance yet stop by and see the work of over 20 national artists, including some new work of my own that I'm pretty excited about. Photos to follow.

  • Stu, stu, studio. Phil Collins would be proud.

    Hi gang! Well, it seems that I'm in the market for a new studio. I've been using the shop at U Arts since starting there in 2011, but our enrollment has swelled to the point that there is no room for me anymore. The side effect of this awesomeness is my having nowhere to work. Fortune has smiled upon me though and I've found somewhere wonderful that I can both live and work. I do not, however, have the funds to snatch this place up. I hadn't planned on moving house so I haven't been saving for a security deposit. I need $1,800 to get things started, and about $3,000 total to move all of my equipment from North Carolina. Would you like to help? I have some lovely work for sale. Prices for available work will be in the descriptions. Otherwise if you want to throw tuppence my way as an act of charity, I'm setting up a way to donate through paypal on this site. Just go to the Stu Stu Studio section in the Portfolio for details on donating. Anything I receive above and beyond (there's optimism for you) will be used for studio needs, materials, equipment etc. And a special gift to be determined for any donor at any level. What say you? Feel like supporting an artist in need?

  • And Moving Again!

    Well, my time at Penland is nearly over. It's been an incredible residency, but after three years it's time to say goodbye to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and hello to urban life once again. In January 2011 my enormous dog and I are going to be moving to the big city, Philadelphia, PA to teach woodworking for the spring semester at the University of the Arts. I have work going to a number of shows in 2011, so be sure to check back for dates and locations as I get more information.

  • *Next Iconoclasts*

    From January 15 to February 22, the show Next Iconoclasts will be up at the Hoffman Gallery at the OCAC in Portland, Oregon. I have one significant new cabinet in the show, pictures will follow shortly. Please attend if you can, it sounds like an excellent and well received show all around.

  • Spring concentration at Penland

    So you may have seen that I'm going to be teaching a class on cabinet making at Penland in the spring. If you're considering taking the class, I hope you do. It should be interesting, not only will we be covering fundamental woodworking skills, but we'll also be talking about what objects mean, and how we give them meaning. There should be something available for all skill levels. If you have any questions about the class, please contact me, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

  • Going International

    If by some chance you happen to find yourslef in Southeast Asia in the next few weeks, I suggest dropping by Gallery Ho in Seoul. The SEAT is a show of American Studio Furniture makers each offering a different take on seating. The show runs April 1-8.

  • Moving....again.

    Just when I was finally getting used to writing CA and not MA, I have to go and relocate again. Beginning in March of 2008, I'll be moving to Penland, North Carolina to start one of the three year residencies at the Penland School of Craft. I couldn't be happier about it, and strongly encourage anyone who would like to to come by and visit my new digs and studio as I'm getting settled. Information on upcoming shows will follow shortly.